P’Opera! Series

P'Opera! Series

We have launched the P’Opera! Series for 2017. Hosting the shows this season will be Napa-Sonoma South located at 7671 S. Virginia Street in Reno. This popular restaurant will offer delicious dinner selections and a full bar for your enjoyment.

Our series opens with P’Opera! Celtics & Brits – Oh, My! on March 5, 2017 with music from “across the pond” highlighting the Beatles, Elton John, Gilbert & Sullivan, Victor Herbert, John Rutter, and Handel.

Our second in the series is P’Opera! Celebrates America on May 7, 2017. An evening celebrating our American heritage thru Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and patriotic songs. Also on display will be Musical Theater, the true American art form.

The third in the series is P’Opera! A-GO-GO on August 20, 2017. A showcase of fun music from the 1960s & 1970s including Roy Orbiston, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, John Denver, and the Eagles.

The last in our series of four will be P’Optoberfest on October 15, 2017. Featuring great drinking songs from opera, operettas, and more. Raise your stein and celebrate along with P’Opera!